Instantly Creates A Cool Refreshing Breeze!

    Arctic Air® Freedom™ Great For Gardening At the Beach and Mowing The Lawn Arctic Air® Freedom™ Great For Exercising Golfing and Relaxing Arctic Air® Freedom™ Great For Fishing Biking and Yard Work
Instantly Creates A Cool Refreshing Breeze!

Great For
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Introducing Arctic Air® Freedom™

Introducing Arctic Air® Freedom™ the cordless, personal cooler! Just slip Arctic Air® Freedom™ around your neck, turn it on and the heat is gone! Arctic Air® Freedom™ delivers cooling relief to your neck and head which then provides total body comfort. The secret is dual dynamic jets that send refreshing air through 51 targeted vents for maximum cooling relief! Arctic Air® Freedom™ is compact, lightweight, and comfortable. Its wearable design keeps your hands free allowing you to take it anywhere!

Arctic Air® Freedom™ has three arctic settings, a rechargeable lithium battery and runs for hours. Plus the multi-flex neck band adjusts to fit your frame perfectly! Great for relaxing at home, walking the dog, working in the garden, attending a sporting event, exercising, hanging out at the beach and much more! Take Arctic Air® Freedom™ anywhere you need cool, refreshing air!

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